Keeping Loved Ones Close

I felt very humbled to be asked to make a bracelet incorporating ladybirds as a way of remembering loved ones past, namely a friend’s father who is now in spirit world.
What a beautiful way to keep the remembrance of someone close by?
The significant emotional attachment is to the beautiful little ladybirds that we see flitting around our green spaces and I was interested to know their symbology which you will see below.
Ladybird Symbology
ladybug (or ladybird) is believed to be an embodiment of Lady Luck, bringing good fortune and prosperity along with it. As the insect leads a vibrant and colorful life, it influences you to experience the joys of living to the fullest.
Ladybug symbolism equals delight, happiness and playful spirit.  Upon appearing in your midst, Ladybug brings an instant sense of pure delight.
Whenever you see the Ladybug, she is extending an invitation to find a garden, play in the dirt, plant some flowers and delight in the magic of nature and how things grow from the rich fertile earth.
It is also a symbol of taking action on your dreams, as with her very presence she hints at planting the seeds of your dreams.
She will bless your dreams as well as your garden, plant your dreams where they will get planty of sunshine and feed them with praise and just like the flowers in your garden, your dreams will begin sprouting and growing and surprising you in the most delightful ways.
She has a unique and playful spirit for all to see.
I also used the following crystals:
Pink Agate
The energy of pink is not just the heart but also a great neutralizer it soothes anger and negative energy.  It provides an underlying tone of confidence and support and helps us to move from a defensive state of mind to a calming and positive one.
Agate cleanses and stabilises the aura, eliminating and transforming negativity. Agate enhances mental function, improving concentration, perception and analytical abilities. It soothes and calms, healing inner anger or tension and creates a sense of security and safety.
Custom Ladybird Bracelet
Sea Bamboo
Sea bamboo or bamboo coral is soft on the moh scale in nature, so please take care with this.
Coral is known as the stone of peace and transformation.
It’s also called Sea Garden because of how much it looks like a plant.
When you work with ocean energies, such as this stone holds, you will receive protection from negativity and evil influences.
This stone will help you release unhealthy thoughts and emotions.
It will help you dispel any ugliness or weakness that you may feel so that your inner self will transform anew!
Coral will support you in your period of change and transformation.
It will show you how you should value the past but not hesitate to embrace the future.
You should never say no to having a beautiful new world and accepting the challenges that this new world can offer!
It will make you realize that it’s in your struggles and hardships that you will find the best kind of lessons and experiences.
Coral will also remind you that you need to swim life’s oceans if you wish to see what’s out there in the horizon.
Catch as many waves as you can and open yourself to new experiences!
The energies of Coral will deter any kind of negative thought. It will promote honesty, truthfulness, and positivity.
It will encourage you to have a more positive outlook on life, even when you are going through your own difficulties.
If you wish for a personal piece, have a favourite animal, spirit animal or something else then let’s talk, meanwhile happy days and many blessings, Justine xxx

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