Strawberry Full Moon

What Is The Significance Of The Word Strawberry
The reason this full moon is called the Strawberry Moon is that is it the time to start to harvest ripening wild berries, there will be no actual strawberry coloured moon in the sky as nice as that might be.
You might find that during a full moon there is an inner tension, like the tightening of a coil, external pressures can lead to energy draining conflict, which can trickle in to work, family, intimate relationships, so it is good to be mindful of this beforehand, to get a good perspective and have some necessary tlc to balance as everything seems to come in to sharper focus at this time.
Full Moon In Capricorn 28th June
At this time, we might have a sense of feeling ‘everything’ from seriousness, guilt, fear, inhibition or restriction, which will draw us to have a ‘reality check’, but if you work within you will have the energy to work through this.
This is the time to keep pushing forwards, even if it feels like an uphill struggle, there is always a solution, have the resolve to work through obstacles with Capricorn at your side which will strengthen your inner power.
It is a time to be very mindful of your own well being, take a breath, be kind or you  might feel like you are ‘seeing stars’, pace, breathe, pause, reflect, be kind by doing this you will loosen the choke hold that you might be feeling of intensity within, the pressure or internalisation, slow down and breathe through the mental fog.

This is also a time to take care of our responsibilities be they in whichever form, to take charge, move forwards, onwards and upwards as they say.
Full Moon In Capricorn 28th June
Don’t be afraid to open up to release any sadness, feelings of guilt, release to move through it, open up to loved ones with emotional maturity and share.  You may be tested during this time, lessons could be hard as the Universe gives us a little kick up the butt, so listen, recognise, admit any  negative behaviours and patterns, heal, be kind and let go.
This is a great time to make that change, the effort in making that change will be rewarded with excitement and positivity, use your intuition and throw a little caution to the wind.
You might find you bring in to your life new relationships, some perhaps from past life experiences, karmic or perhaps it is time to break free from an unhealthy relationship or indeed breathe new life in to it.
Time To Break Free!
Full Moon In Capricorn 28th June

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