Full Flower Moon, Full Blessing Moon, Corn Planting Moon And The Bright Moon.

Above are the many names of the full moon in May, this is a time where the flowers flourish and bloom, there is inspiration in the air calling us to reach in to the great unknown and find out place.
Flower Full Moon
We have a combination of opposites between Gemini and Sagittarius.
Gemini voraciously wishing to glean any and all information without discernment to learn and gain experience whereas Sagittarius is continuously searching to expand one’s knowledge and awareness of the outer world, still opposites, yet harmonious at the same time, just different routes to a sense of understanding.
If you think of the flowers blooming, expanding and opening we can translate that to expanding our goals, the cycle of life and death, the wisdom that comes with this, searching for meaning and truth and with the full moon everything peaks and our subconscious awareness becomes more vibrantly linked to the conscious mind.
Like the flowers we soak up the suns energy and gather our radiance and vitality.Flower Full Moon in Sagittarius
The magic of this Full Moon can serve as a guidepost to assist us in following our ‘dreams’ to reality, take heed of the scolding voice however that urges practicality which work in unison together for magic to really occur.
This magic starts a few days before the peak and continues after for a few days, so take time to attend to dreams and wishes and after the peak put a strategy in to place.
We also have the symbology with this full moon with the feminine divine, this lunar loveliness pregnant with energy, a time to divinate for protection, healing, abundance and prosperity.
If you are thinking of a major change, ie a job/career, ask for guidance, use your cyrstals and runes to draw from the moon.
Flower Full Moon in Sagittarius
The Flower Moon also helps us to shed our outer skin, to bathe in renewal, shining the light on our darkest days and illuminating the deepest and darkest corners of ourselves, allowing the light to spread, creating an awareness with which to work with.
Take time to now fully reflect, look at the parts now illuminated that you might not have looked at before, things hidden, now you can heal those parts, see yourself in a new light, the light that shines from the moon.  So shine under and embrace the light of the full moon and feel a sense of rebirth and healing.
Flower Full Moon in Sagittarius
Wishing you a very transformative and healing Full Moon, Justine xxx
Triple moon

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