What’s All This Serum About?

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To Serum Or Not?

Basically, the answer is always to serum.  Why is that?  Serums are devised to penetrate deeper due to the finer molecular structure of the product, allowing the special components to work their magic on a far deeper level, hydrating, anti ageing, repairing, re-hydrating, soothing and so forth.  Moisturisers are there mainly to protect whilst allowing the serums to sit underneath and get to work.  Both work in synergy with each other, so get seruming today, it’s never too late.  Plus they smell glorious and give you that real feel-good factor as you apply them, knowing you’re giving your skin a wonderful treat.

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Neals Yard Serums

Neals Yard Serums

Neals Yard Serums

Neals Yard Serums

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I am very grateful to be a Neals Yard independent consultant and getting the chance to work with such a wonderful ethos conscious company.  Having been in the beauty field for over 20 years I’ve come across plenty of products and being a small independently run business I have the luxury to choose what to stock and what not to, allowing me to bring in what touches my heart, that really works.

If you click through to my Neals Yard page and make a purchase, I get a small % direct from them, not from you, this investment from yourself personally through my page helps to support ‘small businesses’ such as mine, so I thank you in advance because without you I wouldn’t be able to make these choices.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend, Justine xxx

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