Exorcise During The Scorpio Pink Full Moon

Exorcise During The Scorpio Pink Full Moon

Get Within, Feel The Powe, Clear Out

Exorcise During The Scorpio Pink Full Moon

As mentioned in my prior post this Full Moon is a time to get within our own power, to be choosy who we might share this with, to look within, into our shadows, a time for transformation, growth, rebalance and soul growth.

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Suppressing “negative feelings” is not in anyone’s highest good and there’s nothing wrong with ‘letting go’ even if you don’t feel namaste or enlightened in doing this, but the Universe is made up of polarities of which we have to co-exist within, ie in order to elevate bliss we need to recognise our sadness, to feel love we must risk heartbreak.

As we know Scorpio is the sign that rules revenge, hence the ‘exorcism’ in the title, allowing us to release pent-up feelings, to cleanse our energetic fields also in the process.

Exorcise During The Scorpio Pink Full Moon

Some tips of things to ‘possibly’ embrace at this time:

  • Clean out your social media lists, un-friend and clear out people you haven’t talked to in years, there’s nothing wrong in moving on, it doesn’t have to all be made better.
  • Get your hair trimmed, snip off any stale energy that lingers.
  • Embrace your Scorpio side, dress in black or dress in noir your fingertips and lips.
  • Treat yourself to a warming massage, indulge and embrace.
  • Write your bucket list and diarize at least one thing.
  • Put on some music, turn up the volume, sing loudly and dance wildly.
  • Re-evaluate.
  • Be inventive.

Wishing you a transformative Full Moon, Justine xxx