What Will The Full Blue Moon Bring Out In Us?

Full Blue Moon In Libra
I’ve been looking forward to this Full Moon, my star sign is Libra and this is the second Full Moon this month having not had one in February.
Generally, this is a good time for balance, be it personally or for those around you.
This full moon will happen early Saturday morning, the 31st March, it happens when the Sun in Aries forms an opposition to the Libra Moon.
The Full Moon, in general, is a leading up to, a culmination of events of promises and fulfilment of that which was set in the previous New Moon, it is a time of letting go, shedding, romance, fertilization and relationships.
There are many general rituals you can do around the Full Moon for this some of which I have already covered here:  Full Moon Rituals
Full Moon Rituals
So what about this Full Moon in particular?
We have opposing opposites of Aries and Libra, where Aries represents “self” and Libra represents “other”.
The Libra Moon has the energy of drawing and needing relationships, the blossoming of relationships and what is required to keep them healthy, there is compromise, graciousness, negotiation and of course balance, whereas the energy surrounding the Aries Sun is about being courageous, being self-assertive and leading ourselves and others.
This Full Moon will highlight the relationship differences and draw us to strike a balance somewhere between the two, between the need for a significant other or independence, dependence and having a companion.
There are also the different personalities of Libras diplomacy, equality mindfulness and fairness in contrast to the Aries Sun of authenticity being a high priority, sometimes over tact and independent efforts.
Full Blue Moon In Libra

A Spanner In The Works

We also have the Full Moon aligning with retrograde Mercury, which can cause frustrations to brew, difficulty in expression and communication.  The Full Moon can illuminate these difficulties and bring forth new feelings and revelations full of emotions, sometimes outbursts and instead of holding back it’s time to express our emotions, bring them forth into your consciousness but taper this with care and consideration, come from a heart-centred place and all will be well.
This blue Moon March 2018 gives you an opportunity to work with your fears and to release them from your subconscious. Transform your negative thought energy into positive thought energy.
Watch this space for a new Full Moon Ritual
Meanwhile, Moon blessings, Justine xxxCrescent Moon

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