Full Moon Ritual For March

If you want to find out all about what this Full Blue Moon in Libra brings for us, please take a look at my prior post here:
As mentioned we have the opposites of Libra and Aries in this full moon and not only that we also have Mercury in Retrograde to really spice things up, causing for some confusion, anger, longing, short tempers, insecurities, the need for self versus the need for other.
There are many full moon rituals that I have covered and this time is usually in the run up from a New Moon in which we have set our intentions, perhaps start projects and the Full Moon is the time for reflection and getting rid of that which serves us no more. hands with crystals
This time around, however, there are perhaps emotions highly charged, a sense of confusion, a need for balance and if feeling like this I think always best to keep things simple and the easiest way to stop thinking about the ‘self’ or ‘other’ is to completely spread unconditional love outwards, to everyone, to all places, situations, people in need, places in need, animals, situations, the action of being selfless and becoming one can help us through this tricky time.
If this resonates then let’s get down to basics.

  1. As always try to find a quiet time and clear the area by smudging or bells.
  2. Set the space with 4 candles placing them to represent the North, South, East & West.
  3. Please make sure you have anything else to make yourself comfortable.
  4. smudging with sage
  5. Next, it is time to gather some appropriate crystals, if some catch your eye not mentioned here, that is alright too, you will intuitively gather what you need.
  6. But I will mention some cleansing crystals, healing and ones that radiate unconditional love, being:
    • Selenite ~ Cleansing and charging
    • Rose Quartz ~ unconditional love
    • Amethyst ~ healing
    • Obsidian ~ cleansing and protective
    • Prasiolite Stone ~ loving kindness
    • Yellow Jasper Stone ~ loving kindness
    • Clear Quartz – to transmit energy & heighten the effect of other crystals.
  7. Let’s set up a grid now and whilst setting this up with your cleansed crystals have your intention and or mantra in your mind, something such as:
    • “I send out loving kindness and peace to all with harm to none”.

    • This can be said in your head or out loud each time you place a crystal into position.
  8. I’ve put below some examples of crystal grids, but there is really no right or wrong, it’s what you feel.  Usually, there is a central crystal, this can be the focus of your intention, perhaps love, or a really purifying crystal, then use the other ones you have gathered to form a pattern of energy to be passed from one to the other outwards towards each candle.  If you have clear quartz points, turn the point in the direction you wish the energy to head and you can use them in between the crystals to help with this flow, if you don’t have any the energy will still move, don’t worry.
  9. Once your grid is set up, call upon your Spirit Guides or any Guides, Angels to be with you at this time, should you wish.
  10. Now light your candles, place your hands in to the prayer position at your heart centre with eyes closed or lowered, feel your body against the ground, get a sense of how your body is, take in three deep breaths, focusing on your stomach pushing it out as you breathe in, drawing the breath up to your chest and out gently, getting a sense of relaxation within and through your muscles, now think of the beautiful Moon and its energy above you as your draw down it’s energy, moving this through from your crown, gently down your spine, through your legs to the floor to seep in to Mother Earth as you allow it to seep downwards until you find the Earth Star, anchoring the energy here as you connect with both Grounding and Divine energy.
  11. It is time now to re-enforce your earlier mantra now with a prayer, for example:
    • Mother Earth and Mother Moon I receive your wise, loving guidance and energy with gratitude and ask that it be sent out threefold to all those in need, to every creature, every person, place and situation, that peace may be upon all.  I ask that I may learn from your wisdom and radiate joy wherever I may go.

  12. Spent time with your palms now moving over the grid, sense the energy and the flow to all that you have wished, enjoying this peaceful and loving time for as long as feels comfortable.  When the time is right to stop you will know.
  13. When you are ready to close the ritual or circle if you are with others you may want to say an ending prayer of thanks such as:
    • “I thank my Spirit Guides, the Divine and Mother Earth for your wisdom and love to all and within, that I may become at peace, really listen and see the world and all here and in return radiate love and joy through action and words, thank you, blessed be”

    • Please remember to blow out your candles, if you have no need to remove the crystals leave them in place to continue their good work.  This ritual can be repeated or done for the next few days after the Full Moon, so if you miss this tomorrow there is no panic, please. 
  14. A loving gesture you might wish to embrace is to pick a few of the crystals should they call for this and this resonate with you and take them in a bag with you over the next few days and offer them to those you feel need, be it a family member or a stranger to spread the loving kindness.

I have had such kindness from a stranger offering me a crystal out of the blue, we are now firm friends and spirit sisters and it is a moment I shall cherish forever.
Wishing you Full Moon blessings, Justine xxxCrescent Moon

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