A Little Ritual To Move Us In To Our Next Phase

New Moon Ritual
As mentioned in my prior post, this New Moon is still about sewing seeds, but also thinking about the bigger picture, our role in it and how our love for yourself, the space we hold, how it affects others, so it’s thinking wide, to our surroundings, thinking about the kind of environment we wish to live in and our love for others.
For me it is my belief that we are all formed from energy, light beings and that everything around us is formed from energy, with this in mind we are all interconnected in some way, so the bigger picture you could say is that perhaps I am you, and you are me and with this brings a deeper understanding, a sense of purer empathy and freedom of love for all no matter what and the passionate desire for our space to be better.

With this in mind, I would like to focus on these elements and share with you a healing ritual.  If you missed the post about the key elements of what is happening with this New Moon you can find it here:  February 15-16th New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius
rose quartz
What you will need

  • A comfortable, quiet place to meditate and time in which to do this uninterrupted.
  • For this space to be energetically clear, you can use bells, smudging or other methods of preference.  If you are not sure what to say, you can say something very simple such as asking for the space to be clear and filled with love and light.
  • If you have rose quartz these would be lovely crystals to bring in to your ritual.
  • If you have anything with rose essential oil this also would be lovely to either burn as in a candle or incense or to apply as a cream or oil.  You can find a couple of suggestions in my prior post.
  • Start by sitting comfortably, get a sense of your feet on the ground and your connection with Mother Earth and the beautiful energy she holds and shares with us all, grounding us to her gently, connecting us all with love.
  • Take in a few deep breaths, perhaps lengthening you’re out breath if that feels comfortable until you reach a point of stillness inside, when you get that sense of relaxation, your muscles feeling heavy yet your body light.
  • Now take your attention to your heart chakra, imagine a beautiful green flower opening in this area with pink like rose quartz inside.  As this flower opens the pink flows outwards, sending loving healing energy in a ball to cocoon you.
  • Take a moment to sense this, to relax in its essence.
  • When you have a good feeling of this then focus again on the flow of pure healing, loving energy and imagine someone, or a place or a country, anything that you wish to share healing with.  When you have a sense of who or where this is then focused on this energy from yourself and pass it in a beam to your choice, encasing it with this loving protective bubble and take a moment to see and feel this in your mind, enjoy the connection, the share of unconditional love.
  • You can do this as many times as you wish.
  • When you are ready to finish, take your mind to this pink energy and draw it back to your body.  With this, the petals just gently tuck in like the sunset gently resting for the night.  Your bubble, however, turns from pink to purple, protecting you from here to now.
  • Please say a small prayer of thanks for the healing that you have not only been able to embrace but to offer to others.

You can say something like:

“With all the strands of love within my heart and being I thank the Divine and Mother Earth for this healing today, for the blossoming of unconditional love and sharing with others.  I am restored and loved by your vibrations and my heart remains open to your source of divine wisdom.”

Remember this can be done not only for this New Moon but anytime and is a great way to access unconditional love and healing to your hearts desire all around this Universe.
Wishing you a beautiful New Moon, Justine xxx

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