What Will This New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse In Aquarius Bring To Us?

Most of you will have noticed that in January this year we have two full moons! Wow, what a time of letting go and clearing out.  There is no full moon in February however we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse, time for new beginnings.
Whilst we can use this time to think about sewing the seeds, fresh starts and new beginnings, the eclipse is only partial so we won’t feel the bam of the Solar Eclipse back in August 2018.
New Moon February Solar Eclipse in Aquarius
Coupled with this is the sign and energy of Aquarius which holds a gentle space which when tuned in to gives us time to think about how our actions, words and behaviour affect those around us.  It is time to think of the bigger picture, to reflect and to tap into the energy we give out not only to others but the Universe and the type of space we wish to live in energetically and our responsibility for this.

It is time to open our hearts, to raise our consciousness higher and to find our own oneness and develop and nurture our relationship with yourself first and foremost for this ultimately has a knock on effect to those around us and our surrounding environment.
Communication, truth and empathy are all key within our relationships including ourselves.  Are we nurturing ourselves, being honest with ourselves, being at one, finding our inner truth, our wise woman/man, our intuitive self, are you loving and kind to yourself?
This is time to check into your heart chakra, to bring in love, joy, kindness and self-awareness into your life.  Use this eclipse like a breath of fresh air and embrace the love.
Keep an eye out for a little ritual for this New Moon ~ to follow
New Moon February Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

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