Feel And Look Radiant Not Just For Valentines But Now And Onwards

Neals Yard Glow With Natural Beauty
I wondered what all the raving was about with the Neals Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm so decided to try it out.  Wow now then it was time for me to fall in love.
Not only does it smell divine, that in itself is a worthy reason to buy it, but it is so utterly versatile, it is a staple for one’s beauty cupboard.

What can you use it for?
It cleanses and exfoliates with the muslin face cloth it is supplied with, it provides a luxurious texture and aroma to die for.  Not only that you can apply it to massage with or I use it at night time as my moisturiser or in the day when I need a pep up.  Not only that you can massage it in to your nails to give them a boost, it’s something to always have in your bag even if you just only have a sniff, did you know that rose aroma balances the hormones, relieves anxiety, improves depression, reduces rosacea and naturally increases libido, perfect for most nights I would say.
This product boosts your skin’s natural radiance and moisture levels, it is antioxidant rich and loved by beauty editors and customers.
You can get a 50g pot for just £40 here on my consultant page:  Wild Rose Beauty Balm
And if that wasn’t enough….
10 ways to use the wild rose beauty balmfeel the love

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