Walk The Talk With The Moon

Do I Keep Up With My Own Self Practice?

I thought today instead of giving information on this and that, giving wonderful suggestions on how to find inner peace or rituals for the Moon that I would get personal.

Sometimes these things can all seem a bit surreal or unobtainable or fantasy and I guess I wanted to connect with you all, to show you that even in the simplest way all of this is reachable for anyone.

Keep it simple

My policy is keep it intuitive, if you feel something that I have said is of interest, perhaps it peeks at your “oh I could try this, or could I really, but will I get it right and I am not sure what to do and how to follow it all?” then remember, there are no rules, it’s your own self-practice, listen to your gut, to your intuition, the wise, wise person inside that if you still for a moment will talk to you, your inner self.

All the things I talk about can be tweaked, there are no hard and fast rules, there is no right or wrong, it is what is right for you.

So I thought I would share my ‘actual’ experience of putting in to place my own Full Moon Ritual for the Blood/Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse that just happened but a day ago.

Full Lunar Eclipse Blood Blue Moon

I found a long time back that I would react to the full Moon without knowing it was an actual full moon, there were sleep issues, emotions would run high or low or both and things seemed to go a bit topsy-turvy.

So I then started to notice more about when it was happening, keeping myself informed seemed to help a little, but at that stage, I had not put in to practise anything it was just simply an awareness.

Then I started learning and researching and it all made sense with the waxing and waning, the yin and yang of the moon cycle and how it affects all of us.

I am lucky that I work for myself and can manipulate my diary to a degree to suit these wonderful cycles, now I take the day off before and after the full moon.  I have found that firstly though it is a ‘day off’ it is two days of self development and putting in to practice ‘what I preach’ so to speak and enables me energetically to be in a much better place for my clients when I do work with them and enables me also to share and impart my experiences with their experiences.

Moon Calendar 2018

Four days up until the full moon this time around were an upheaval of heavy energy, the day before a bit like a seesaw.  I had already written down a forgiveness and gratefulness list but left it at that, this was the night before.  On the day of the lunar eclipse, I was completely bogged down, like moving through sludge and when I chatted with a friend over lunch we both announced that we felt incredibly ‘annoyed’ that day or morning, for no apparent reason.

I love to take baths, especially salt ones and scrubs, these I find not just cleansing physically but they detox and for me help to aid the process of transformation, moving on and shedding.  So this is what I did in the morning, embracing a heart chakra meditation whilst in the bath.  Then I felt the need to pay homage to the forgiveness list, to really think about what I had written and why.  It was then that I noticed a pattern.

Neals Yard Bath Scrub

That is the great thing about writing things down.  My first year at college we were meant to journal and I did it twice!  I know, not good, I kept telling myself it was a waste of time, or that I didn’t have time (another excuse) and that I could think about things enough without having to write them down.

This year one of my intentions was to start journalling and instead of putting daily pressure on myself I do it once every three days approximately and I’ve found by writing it allows me to watch the emotions and situations rather than be in it and get a better perspective of what is going on.


So I took time to think about the words, the whys and who and found myself wanting to ‘speak’ to one of the people, but I couldn’t actually do that.  So I recorded myself, what I would like to say and this was far more powerful than even writing.  It becomes so more real, tugs and draws out the emotions and yes I had a little cry (being honest here), and it all came from the heart.

I felt a bit exhausted afterwards but lighter.  I will no doubt delete the recording as I have no intention to send it to the person, but now energetically it is out there.

In the afternoon I embraced some restorative yoga.  For me taking time for movement is grounding, it helps me with my breath work, which helps with my health and is a form of meditation.  It stills, calms one’s mind like a tranquil lake with no ripples, just bliss.


Later I had planned to go with some girlfriends to have a Moonlight walk.  For one reason or another this didn’t happen, so one unwitting companion was my husband, who in his words “doesn’t believe in all that moon stuff!”, however, he does believe in walking the dog, who I call my little black witches cat disguised as a pug and he also ‘didn’t mind’ the human company either.

Black Pug

I didn’t mind that he wasn’t in to ‘all this moon stuff’ as he says and was glad for the company, I know I would have had a big natter with my girlfriends had they been there, but actually for this time, the quietness as we both sat on a log the other side of the pond in Richmond Park as the Full Moon glanced it’s beauty to ripple over the water was astounding.  There was no need for anything else at that moment.

Full Lunar Eclipse Blue Blood Moon

Now there had to be a little ceremony, no prayers or anything, I kept it simple knowing that my partner in crime would probably find that ‘all a little too much’, however, I knew he wouldn’t mind something that looked like chocolate.  So I had a Cacao ceremony.  I’ve heard people saying that’s just cocoa, but it’s not and there is a history behind why people have cacao ceremonies, which you can find here:  My Cacao Ceremony

Cacao ceremony

The cacao I used was mixed not with water, but oat milk, because that is how I like it, some lovely honey and a pinch of cayenne pepper, it was thick but still ran and was oh so divine, opening up the heart chakra a treat and nice and warm which was very much needed on this cold night.

Full Lunar Eclipse Blue Blood Moon

Then a funny thing happened, I suggested to my husband playfully that he should howl to the moon and you know what?  He did, long and loud, it took me back for a second but I decided to join in, it really was quite liberating.  I do however feel sorry for the dog walker behind us that we didn’t see who quickly diverted his intended path to keep as far away from us as possible.  However, I thoroughly recommend a bit of moon howling, opens up the lungs, a bit of sound therapy, getting back to that inner child, and liberates.

Wolf Full Moon

So there we have it, I didn’t do it to the book, but I did it my way and it worked for me.  So if you’re thinking of stepping into your own self-practice go with your intuition, trust and enjoy.

Some other images from the night  🙂



Aurora Facets
Sending my love & joy at this wonderful time, Justine xx

Sending you Imbolc Blessings for this day as we now move in to the light, the season of life springing forth, the season of Mother Nature bearing gifts of fruit and snowdrops that tickle the ground.

Justine xxx

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