Projects, Love & Harmony

This is the last moon phase before a new series of eclipses which might create a sense of urgency to finish long term projects started in the last five months. If these are anything to do with love or money you will be happy as there are dashings of love and harmony from Venus.

There can be unexpected changes however which might bring a sense of uncertainty so stay strong and keep your resolve and push through with your passions and desires.
New Moon Meaning

This is the end of one 28 day cycle moving in to the beginning of another
It is an excellent time for fresh starts, turning over new leaves and projects. It’s also a time to let go of what serves us no more to question old habits and beliefs as you find more intuitive and authentic ways to make progress inline with your true real self.
This time the effects of this new moon will last four weeks until the February solar eclipse, so use the first two weeks to make any fresh starts or new resolves and intentions.
You can find a nice New Moon Ritual below which you can tweak to your own needs.
Until then New Moon Blessings, Justine xx
New Moon Ritual

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