Another Supermoon

So we are on our third I believe supermoon and guess what we have two full moons this January, how epic is that?  This one is the Wolf Full Moon and the one at the end of the month does not have a given name, so it’s been called the ‘Blue Moon’, however it will most likely have a hint of red to it, hence some will call it the Blood Moon and it will cause a total lunar eclipse.
Generally the Full Moon is about shedding, releasing what serves us no more, as the New Moon is bringing in new intentions.  However, there is always an astrological influence as well during whatever month the full or new moon is happening.
This time it has the influence of Cancer and Capricorn.
Wolf Full Moon

Why the Wolf Title?

The first full month of the year is always called the Wolf Moon.  Some other cultures call it the Old Moon, Snow Moon, Ice Moon or moon after the Yule.
Wolves howl to communicate over long distances, alerting to being present or to warn others to stay away.  Wolves are particularly vocal in the first months of the year as they move into breeding season in February, hence the name association.
Though they are not wolves, I have found the foxes howling over the last few nights, have you?


During the Cancer Full Moon, the moon is reflecting the light of the Sun in Capricorn.
Our first full moon is always quite significant as it is a great contribution towards the theme of the year ahead in general.
Our energy will be maxed over this period.  The watery Cancer will mean that emotions will run high if let loose, but if harnessed in a positive way, channelled with meditation, for instance, it can give a great intuitive insight into your own path for 2018.
The sun in Capricorn if you let it will bring light to what is felt deep within your soul and heart.  This means be gentle with yourself, face your fears or things that you wish to work on with heartfelt love rather than chastisement.
For me I have felt the urge to nurture, nest, gather and reflect.  By gathering it has been about bringing those I love close around me and to gather my female friends as well as family.
I’ve wanted to shed and clear, this has moved through into my home environment, ushering me to clear and sort.
There has also been feeling of something dredging through old emotions and insecurities, bringing them slowly up to be faced.  It’s been slow but steady, relentless almost, but if you focus on these without fear they are there to learn from, to work out and help one move forwards.
Later today I will post a lovely Intuitive Chakra Full Moon Ritual, that can be applied to any full moon, not just this one, a nice habit to get into if you can.
Until then, Wolf Moon blessings, Justine xxx
Wolf Full Moon

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