A Little Ritual For Any Full Moon

So this full moon, a supermoon to be precise and even more precisely a Wolf Supermoon has so far to me personally been quite something.
Three nights I have been unable to properly sleep, even though I have blackout curtains the wondrous moonlight still somehow streams into my room lighting up my senses, my mind ticking over and driving me to work on things when I would otherwise be asleep.  This has been building up for a while, like a relentless trickle of dredging up of old emotions, not in full force, but there unrelenting asking for attention and as such I oblige, for this is the way it should be, rather than tucking them away to fester.January 2nd full wolf moon
You can see in my previous post how this particular full moon could affect your emotions, if you’ve not passed by it yet you can find it here:  Wolf Full Moon in Cancer, 2nd January 2018
So with this in mind, the lack of sleep, the building up of emotions I intuitively devised a Full Moon Ritual.  The Full Moon is about shedding, getting rid of what does not serve, whereas the New Moon is about bringing in what does serve, so you can tailor rituals to suit, bring in crystals, herbs, flowers, writing, whatever speaks to you.
Below I will describe my ritual, any products I have links to will be found below should you wish to try some yourself if you do not have at home already.
chakra system

Intuitive Full Moon Cleanse & Chakra Balance

  1. As always make sure you have cleansed your space, either by smudging, joss sticks, sound or whatever works for you.
  2. Take time if you are not familiar with chakras to look at the chakra listing above.  It is quite a simple diagram with associated emotions etc to them.  This will be your guide to know which chakra to focus on later.  Chakras are basically energy centres that run through our bodies back to front that have an emotional and physical link within our bodies.  When they are out of balance, either over or underactive they can affect us both spiritually, physically and mentally.
  3. Gather candles, anything for meditating, journaling and a way to listen to YouTube.
  4. No doubt if it is the actual Full Moon you will have been thinking of the emotions brought up over the last few days, if not, then take some time to meditate and or meditate and journal/write notes.  This means please make sure you also have some quiet time in a place where you will not be disturbed.
  5. Write down the emotions that have been pressing at your mind, the ones that you feel confident to work on, anything that you know you are ready to get rid of, it doesn’t even always have to be negative things, it can be something you have achieved, something positive that you are now ready to move on to the next step rather than procrastinating.
  6. Now it is time for some physical action:
    1. Get a facial scrub and body salt scrub.
    2. Cleanse your face gently and apply the scrub, then wash off with warm water and apply a mask appropriate for your skin type, this can remain on until you finish your bath.
    3. Prepare your bath with some salts to detox and detoxifying bath oil or bubbles.
    4. Make sure you have your music appliance to listen to YouTube ready. (do not drop in the bath)  Please make sure you go to:  Meditative Mind Chakra Meditation Music and Chants and have this ready to choose after the next 2 steps.
    5. Now apply the salt scrub all over your body, I love using the Neal’s Yard salt scrub for its detoxifying effects and also how the salts help the muscles especially at this time of year.  During this period you can think of a couple of items you wish to change/get rid of, try to keep it simple and not too many.
    6. Time to get into the bath and relax.  This is the time to now take some deep breaths, focus on the candles and see where in your body feels like it needs working on chakra wise.  For me this was easy, it was my solar plexus, I needed the energy from lack of sleep and confidence from issues that had been bothering me.  I felt an actual dull ache in the solar plexus area.  You might feel it differently.  If you are finding this difficult then go to the list above and see which resonates with you.
    7. Once you have worked out which chakra it is then please go to: Meditative Mind Chakra Meditation Music and Chants  and click the relevant chakra, it will then guide you through a meditation, the chakra sound and then music with a vibrational tone related to that chakra.  They take generally around 30 minutes.  You should feel pretty good when finished.
    8. Once done and you are ready to move on to the rest of your day, remove the mask, dry, apply a detox oil or comforting oil/cream and when you run away your bath water, say a little prayer, something like:
    9. I wash you away with love and light, I wash you away with gratitude for the lessons learned.  Let that which serves me no more seep into Mother Nature’s wise earth, where she will nurture my past and guide me towards my future.

    10. Remember please to drink plenty of water.
    11. This ritual can be done at any time, but especially apt for a few days up to the run-up to a Full Moon and on the night of the Full Moon.

I hope you have fun with this ritual.  For me, it was truly wonderful as the solar plexus talked about the sun increasing and rising in perfect timing with the sun actually rising and beginning to shine through my bathroom window.
Links to products:
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Bath salts and lavender
Many Full Moon blessings to you, Justine xxx

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