Time To Take Our Focus To That One Crystal

As most of you will know by now, my main body of work is making malas, custom ones at that which I adore.
However I thought a little bit of simplicity wouldn’t go amiss and as such wanted to take the focus just to one single crystal, hence the birth of the ‘Simplicity Range’.
Simplicity Range
In this range, what you will see is the focus being taken to one crystal of choice as it nestles just on or below the soft part at the lower dip of the neck and or top of the sternum.
This draws the focus, normally instantly as the thread/necklet almost blends into the skin.  These necklaces can be teamed up with malas or just worn on their own, either way, they provide a continuum of crystal adornment that can be worn easily and permanently.
I can also tailor make the length for personal requests, the variety of crystals are ever expanding with variety so if you wish to have your own personal one, please feel free to let me know.  Price wise they range between £30 – £35 or thereabouts depending on the stone used.
We could all do with some simplicity in our life right? Justine xxx

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