What Is This New Moon About?
As you know I am a Moon Lover allowing it to take me on a journey as it passes through its phases, waxing and waning, yin and yang that all tie in with Astrology and so much more, giving us a basis on which to work, dream, manifest and learn.
New Moon In Sagittarius
We have quite a New Moon this month, aligning to bring a great potential and everything into it’s vicinity.
There is potential for fierce destruction but also at the same time new life, insights, upgrades and the chance to evolve.
It is consuming, devouring and shows no mercy yet it is the source of life, there is much potential for Yin and Yang with this New Moon.
Sagittarius is all about the journey, the lessons we learn along the way, it is a good time to sow a seed, an intention for the next six months (to reach fruition at the Full Moon of the same sign, at the end of May 2018), don’t attach specifics or yourself to an outcome, embrace the journey.
Dive into the unknown, dream and play, create space for your consciousness of the Divine and exhale its cosmic intelligence into your personal world.  Set your sights high, indulge in your mastery.
There is potential for both at this New Moon.
There is a bold truth that can come your way, giving rise to responsibility and limitations.  This realism can put a dampener on your dreams or it might spur the roots they need to grow.  It is your choice as to which way.  Either way, make sure your sights and dreams are filled with integrity and truth as this alignment doesn’t have time for half measures.
This New Moon happens to fall on one of the darkest days of the year, there is a need to push into our inner knowing, to soar, if you ignore the yearnings of your heart, it will only get louder, set them free.
Believe that anything is possible, soar high, have the lens for focus and the bricks with which to build your beliefs for the work to be done is soon, set the foundations now.
Pace and believe in yourself, there is a potential to burn out, at this time it will all fall to ash if you do, so pace and sustain your dreams, give them and yourself fuel.
Ground yourself, connect yourself with physical motion, with Mother Nature to balance yourself with the cosmic shifting that will be going on around you whether you consciously tap into it or not.
Epsom Salts
Ritual For The New Moon

  1. Take a ritual bath with sea salt or Epsom salts to clear your field of any negative energies.  You can find salts here:  Neal’s Yard Salts
  2. Please make sure your bathing area is also cleansed by smudging beforehand.
  3. Prepare a sacred space, an altar of forms, a journal or paper, pen, candle, flowers, grounding crystals, such as haematite, copper, flint & even a representative picture/photo of your intention should that be possible.
  4. When you have some quiet time to yourself, prepare for this ritual by cleansing your sacred space with sage preferably or if not available a joss stick, making sure to go to all four corners of the room setting the intention in your mind of clearing each area with love and light then let the incense burn gently before fading out.
  5. Next light a candle and take in visually the gifts from Mother Nature placed around it (at a safe distance) knowing that we are all one, the gifts giving focus on grounding, the candle that can be lit repeatedly re-focusing you on your journey of dreams and intentions.
  6. After this take the grounding crystals, one in each hand or by your feet and imagine roots growing down into the ground as you connect with the limitless wiseness of the ancient earth.  Take some time to meditate and focus on the following:
    1. With all that I have achieved, loved, learnt in 2017 what do I wish to achieve in 2018.  Focus on your truth in this wish, how it makes you feel, how high can you soar with this dream to be reality and what is your first step.  Make no judgement nor scrutiny, just let it flow from the heart.
  7. When you feel a suitable time has passed, open your eyes gently and start to write succinctly, honestly and to the point of your intentions.scroll
  8. When you are finished, keep your items neatly together, take time to finish the ritual by saying a prayer such as “I celebrate myself for the year gone by and all that I have achieved. I am proud of myself for all that I have accomplished and know that I am exactly where I need to be and will continue this journey with honesty and solid foundations to soar on high to the Divine”
  9. Take time to make sure that you keep these dreams alive, keep them in your awareness.  Find ways to make your wishes visible, make notes about your progress and at the Full Moon find ways to take action on your intentions and celebrate positive change.

Wishing you Moon blessings, Justine xxx


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