Hindu Deity Kali Mala With Seashell Coloured Faceted Glass Beads, Rose Quartz, Hematite & Pink Boho Tassle

Hindu Deity Kali Mala With Rose Quartz And Pink Tassel
This mala has such a gentle energy about it, though it is demure I can’t keep my eyes off it, which is why it has probably taken so long to get around to pricing it, which I am still in the throes of doing.

I was very attracted to the seashell glass which instead of knotting this time I have used tiny silver dividers threaded on to silk.
There are quarter dividers of rose quartz as is the Guru bead. It is finished off not only with a lovely pink Boho tassel but more so a Kali Amulet and litle silk threads with Hematite & Rose Quartz.
Rose quartz – unconditional love – heart chakra
Hematite – grounding – root chakra

Kali brings the death of the ego as the illusory self-centered view of reality.
She reinforces the awareness that the body is a temporary condition.
Of all the forms of Devi, She is the most compassionate because She provides moksha or liberation to Her children. She is the counterpart of Shiva the Destroyer. They are the destroyers of unreality.
Hindu Deity Kali Mala With Rose Quartz And Pink Tassel
This little beauty has been snapped up & just waiting to meet it’s new Owner with excitement! xxx

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