Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 32 – Crown Chakra, Sahasrara


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White Tourmaline

Today I will cover the crystals and gemstones most commonly associated with the crown chakra, but please remember this is not an exclusive list.

Diamonds – symbolize perfection and clarity.  They draw us towards out highest spiritual potential and encourage the higher will to illumine the personality.
White Tourmaline – encourages integrity.  It facilitates the deeper understanding of spiritual surrender and obedience.  It is a spiritually purifying stone nd so promotes inner honesty and insight.
White Jade – helps in awakening the inner divine spark.  It strengthens communication with the higher self.
Snowy Quartz – heals resentment and loneliness.  It strengthens the Soul body, while at the same time enccouraging us to ‘keep our feet on the earth’.
Celestite – aids meditation.  It heals and fortifies the petals of the crown chakra and gives it vitality.  It awakens our desire to celebrate the spiritual aspects of life.

Tomorrow we will finish off with a meditation, until then crystal blessings, Justine xxx

Crown Chakra healing by Energy Muse
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