Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 27 – Brow Chakra, Ajna

Crystals and Gemstones connected with the Brow Chakra

Please note this is not an exclusive list, there are other associations, these are just the most common.

Amethyst – use at the brow chakra promotes altered states of consciousness.  It enhances spiritual awareness and encourages visionary qualities.  It is a protective stone and transforms that which is negative.Purple Apatite – stimulates all levels of perception.  It encourages harmonious and peaceful inner work and aids meditation.
Azurite – is useful for rituals and blessing ceremonies as one of its qualities as sacredness.  It promotes visionary dreams and awareness of the relationship between spirit and matter.
Calcite – helps to strengthen the higher mental body.  It nurtures and promotes spiritual inspiration and experience.  It links the world of spirit with the world of intellect and ideas.
Pearl – is a purifying stone.  It creates an aura of serenity and aids devotion.
Sapphire – strengthens spiritual awareness and communication.  It facilitates communication with guides and angels.
Blue Flourite – is protective.  It is a psychic shielf, valuable in developing ranscendent states of consciousness.
White Flourite – strengthens the incarnate spirit.  It helps to prevent depression and disillusionment.

Tomorrow we will cover a mediation, until then sweet blessings, Justine xxx

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