Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 24 – Brow Chakra, Ajna

I hope all of you that had a wonderful weekend.
Welcome now to the Brow Chakra.  If you have missed previous posts you can catch up on them through the category tab or scroll previous posts.
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Now that we have done all of that bit lets move on to the Brow Chakra, here are some basic specifications.

Location – Above and between the eyes, with a steam at the back of the head.
Key Words – Spirit, completeness, inspiration, insight, command.
Colours – Indigo, turquoise, mauve
Element – Radium
Body – Higher Mental
Glandular Connections – Pineal
Quietening Fragrances – White musk, hyacinth
Stimulating Fragrances – Violet, rose geranium
Crystals and Gemstones – Amethyst, purple apatite, azurite, calcite, pearl, sapphire, blue and white flourite to name but a few.

Prayer of Affirmation
We seek to command ourselves through the inspiration of the command of God.  May true insight be enabled and the finite mind be inspired to a knowledge of completion.
I am also leaving you today with a mantra/prayer that you can print off or save to your desktop for contemplation.
Wishing you a beautiful day, Justine xxx

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