Kyanite Purple Pomegranate Charm Bracelet – Aligns All Chakras, Shanti Range

I am very excited to share the first individual publication on the Shanti Range of charm bracelets I have produced for this year’s Summer season.
This is the Pomegranate Charm made on strong, flexible stretch elastic.  The healing crystals used are the very pretty light purple kyanite crystals that you see.

Let’s talk about a bit briefly first about pomegranate symbolism.


The Pomegranate is regarded as a symbol of fertility, prosperity, abundance & generosity which in this case is the delicate charm tucked between the crystals.


Kyanite opens and clears the body’s communication centers. For channeling or meditation purposes it works best when it is worn near the throat chakra.
Kyanite never needs cleaned or charged because it is self-caring, self-sustaining.
It carries a very “light” energy that attracts light beings (angels, spirit guides, extra terresterials). Exceptional manifesting stone.
It also helps to balance ‘all’ chakras.
You can find out more about chakras through the top tabs of my website.
 Shanti Range
I leave you with a couple of pictures of the entire Shanti Range, but I will be covering each individual one over the next few days.
Shanti Bracelet Range For Peace, Tranquility & Inner Calm
They are currently in the shop, but if one calls to your heart let me know and I can make a commission piece.
Thank you for viewing, Justine xxx

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