Flower Moon Mala, Clear Quartz, Master Healer

This mala was born of the Flower Full Moon, bringing it a touch of the exotic, vintage and glamour all at the same time.
Flower Moon Mala, Clear Quartz, Master Healer
This piece is a 108 Mala, hand knotted with yellow silk capturing the length with clear quartz, the Master Healer of crystals.   The pendant piece is a cobalt blue beaded tassel with antique crystal cap, bringing with it the allure almost of a time capsule encapsulating love and light from it’s previous owner and the beautiful way that vintage shows its imperfection as perfection.
Flower Moon Mala, Clear Quartz, Master Healer
This mala has the Mother Bead tucked away under the vintage cap ring and is Cloudy Quartz being closely related to the main crystal used of Clear Quartz.
Let me tell you a little about the wonderful clear quartz crystal this mala is made from.
These crystals create a powerful resonance within both the third eye chakra and the crown chakra, which is the highest chakra in the physical body.
The crown chakra connects you up to the soul star chakra, situated in the etheric body above the head.
It brings clarity to your communication and will amplify your thoughts and may assist you by stimulating clearer thinking.
It has a strong resonance, which is why it is commonly used by healers as part of crystal healing.
It has a positive effect on all chakras as it protects the aura and expands the human energy field.
Although this stone is usually thought of as one of the chakra stones for the higher chakras, it will aid all chakras.
Flower Moon Mala, Clear Quartz, Master Healer
In the metaphysical world, Clear Quartz crystals are the supreme gift of Mother Earth. Even the smallest is imbued with the properties of a master healer teacher. Ancients believed these stones to be alive, taking a breath once every hundred years or so, and many cultures thought them to be incarnations of the Divine.
You can find much more about chakras on my website, there is a Chakra Activation Workshop of over 30 days or a simple single page breakdown.

This mala was blessed with the OM sound

Sounding the tone of”OM” creates a vibrational frequency of harmony in the body. The sound of the “OM” is the sound of creation and symbolizes the infinite.It connects our inner world to the greater outer and beyond, it aligns our energy and creates a feeling of openess and expansion. Traditionally spelled O-M, it is pronounced or toned A-U-M. Allowing the sound of each syllable to vibrate within. This can be done consciously feeling the “A” sound in the heart, The “U” sound in the abdomen and the “M” sound in the head. Any way you do it –The experience is connection , unity and love.
“The ever present OM, is the pulse of the universe and the source of our whole being.”
The meaning of the symbol “OM”
This particular mala comes with it’s own beautiful bag to keep it safe as seen above and is currently being shop displayed, however if it has caught your eye or you perhaps would like a personal mala made up be it vintage, traditional, more modern, just send me a message through my contact page and we can discuss your wishes.


Just to briefly introduce you to malas if you are new to them.
A mala is a strand of beads, traditionally used for counting during mantra meditations. Malas can consist of 108 beads, 54 beads, 27 beads, 21 or 19 beads. Malas have been used since at least the 10th century as a meditation aid. They allow us to focus the mind on a single pointed task as we work through our meditation.  If you practice meditation and yoga, a mala can be a powerful tool in your quest for wellness and clearer understanding.
This particular mala has a quarter divider, then half, then quarter for anyone who wishes to have the flexibility of varying the amount they chant.


Mantras go hand in hand with a mala, so let me tell you briefly about those incase you are just touching base with this wonderful way of healing.
A mantra is a word, sound, or phrase repeated to aid in your concentration while meditating.
When using a mantra, it’s believed that only the positive intentions and actions will fill your mind and eliminate negativity.
A mantra can be as simple as the word ‘love,’ something you are thankful for, or a phrase such as ‘om shanti, shanti, shanti’ which represents all encompassing peace. You can also meditate on an affirmation, such as ‘I accept myself.’
Many people are fortunate enough to be gifted a mantra from a teacher or guru.
However, you can choose a mantra for yourself depending on what you are needing in life. While choosing a mantra, you should consider your inner motivations for practising meditation.
Whether you’re looking for positivity, health, happiness, self love, or if you simply want to find balance.
You can find my contact page here:  Aurora Facets Contact
I look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon, Justine xxx

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