Crystal Glamour – Custom Bespoke Order

Bespoke Custom Piece
This was great fun making this lovely sparkly piece.
These crystals now hand knotted with golden silk had been a part of my collection since first beginning jewelry making,  just waiting for that opportunity to shine for the right person.  The filigree boho pendant piece and silk tassel were sourced from abroad, giving it quite an exotic look finishing it off beautifully.
Imagine this with a swirling white kaftan and gold embroidery.  Or a beautiful linen shirt with mandarin collar and floaty white linen trousers in the summer, yum!
What is the process with custom pieces?
There are many ways that a piece of jewelry can be custom made.  I can dowse for your perfect healing stone, this is always a popular choice.  You can chose the ‘type’ of jewelry, ie with neck pieces, do you wish for a mala to recite mantras with, or a necklace, tassel type or pendant piece.  Colour style?  The list is endless.  You may have a very specific idea or a loose one and if I cannot make it I will always say so.
Price is given after the design is formulated, because without the ‘actual’ design in front of me I cannot work out an accurate price as stones can vary in price from pennies to pounds each.
Customs can be tailored for earrings, anklets and bracelets too!
Why  not treat yourself, or someone you know,  to a piece you have put your very own artistic talents and love in to?
Blessings, Justine xx

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