Handknotted 108 mala with bayong wood, rudraksha seeds & silver shannon knot pendant.

This particular knot has the advantage of being very lightweight having used a light wood and rudraksha seeds throughout, making it the ideal travel companion on your trips be it homeland or to far flung places.
Though this is a 108 bead mala, I have set silver indicators every quarter so that you can do a quick mantra session giving ease to know that you are at the right place at the right time.


This particular piece is a 108 bead mala.  In Hinduism and Sikhism this means a string of prayer beads, much like a Catholic rosary.
Malas are used for keeping count while reciting, chanting or mentally repeating a mantra or the name or names of a deity.  The beads therefore should be sufficient in size to make the counting easy.
When I knot malas I generally sing a mantra.  With this one I christened it with the happy “Ek ong kar” mantra
This particular mala was hand knotted with  silk, stringing light rosewood, rudraksha seeds with a silver shannon knot pendant.
Descriptions of the healing properties of this mala will be explained throughout this publication.
The best way to chose the ‘right’ crystal or healing jewellery is to be intuitive, use your instincts.  The stones have a vibrationary element that will be right for you or not.  Many people ‘think’ about it too much. I find the 1st one even from a photo that you are drawn to is generally the ‘right’ one for you or for that time.

Rudraksha Seeds

Hindus & Buddhists alike revere Rudraksham as ‘holy beads’, which confer peace, power & protection.
In Sanskrit, the name literally means ‘tears of God.’
Rudraksham are considered sacred soul jewellery because they have the power to influence, evolve and protect your life on the deepest level, the soul.  The soul grows only through high, peaceful, divine vibrations.

Bayong Wood

Bayong is a hardwood that grows in the Philippines. It is durable, making it long wearing and suitable for jewelry. The natural color is a warm red-brown, with a lovely wood grain pattern that can be easily seen.

Shannon Knot

This knot, with its crisscrossing form, is oval in shape. The knot within the oval is harmonious. Ovals are about community and also creativity. If you consider the different strands as energy, then you see how in this knot, movement is endless throughout the pattern. The overall symbolism suggests balanced creativity.

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Many blessings to you and I hope you have enjoyed this publication <3

Below you will find a postcast giving a live viewing of this lovely mala.

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