Citrine Wand Mala

Citrine Wand Mala

Citrine Wand Mala

This is not just a mala.  The stunning citrine set in to the pendant piece is of wand formation, having a point which is fabulous for directing energy if you are an energy worker.  The weight also and formation of the wand also leans towards being a great dowsing tool or pendulum and of course a beautiful necklace and finally as a mala.


This particular piece is a 108 bead mala.  In Hinduism and Sikhism this means a string of prayer beads, much like a Catholic rosary.

Malas are used for keeping count while reciting, chanting or mentally repeating a mantra or the name or names of a deity.  The beads therefore should be sufficient in size to make the counting easy.

When I knot malas I generally sing a mantra.  With this one I christened it with the beautiful “Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha”, the Green Tara mantra.

This particular mala was hand knotted with light yellow silk, stringing orange sodalite and lapis lazuli.

The pendant piece is a spectacular piece of citrine, which when caught by sunlight shows of lovely gold flecks.   This citrine piece was originally sourced by Welsh jewelling family who have practiced their trade for many years.  They set the citrine in 24ct rolled gold giving it a stunning focal surround.

Descriptions of the healing properties of crystals will be explained throughout this publication.

The best way to chose the ‘right’ crystal or gemstone jewellery is to be intuitive, use your instincts.  The stones have a vibrationary element that will be right for you or not.  Many people ‘think’ about it too much. I find the 1st one even from a photo that you are drawn to is generally the ‘right’ one for you or for that time.



Citrine relates to the solar plexus chakra.

Success, Abundance, Personal Power

Citrine is a joyful stone with bright energy which lights up many aspects of lives of those who work with it. It has energies of good fortune and good luck, though these may appear in unexpected ways.

Citrine is well known in crystal work as a success and prosperity stone to the point that it is called the “Success Stone.” It is said to promote and manifest success and abundance in all areas, and in many ways. It is particularly used to promote success in business if used in the cash box of a shop, carried or worn, earning it another nickname, “Merchant’s Stone.” In addition to manifesting abundance, citrine also brings energies of generosity so that the prosperity and success is shared.

Citrine is a solar plexus chakra  stone used metaphysically to increase, magnify and clarify personal power and energy. This increased personal power can be used for the focused intent of the individual, as it brings will power as well.

Citrine is a fabulous stone to use to combat negative energy of any kind by breaking them up and dissipating them. It is helpful to clear unwanted energies from the environment, whether it be home, office, car, or other space indoors or out. Family issues caused by negative energies can also be cleared for resolution with citrine.


Orange Sodalite

Sodalite stone has a strong vibration that will bring your attention to the qualities of idealism and truth.

Its energy may stimulate you to live up to your own ideals and ideas, about the nature of truth.

It has strong metaphysical properties that may stimulate latent creative abilities and it aids teachers, writers and students to understand the deeper philosophical principles.

Its energy is particularly helpful to aid the development of psychic abilities, and with developing intuition.

It is excellent to aid communication and may help you if you are doing public speaking. It may help you to understand the patterns behind such things as astrology and the tarot.


Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli relates to the 3rd eye chaka

A stone of protection that may be worn to guard against psychic attacks, Lapis Lazuli quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace.  It brings harmony and deep inner self-knowledge.  Encourages self-awareness, allows self-expression and reveals inner truth, providing qualities of honesty, compassion and morality to the personality.  Stimulates objectivity, clarity and encourages creativity.  Lapis Lazuli assists to confront and speak one’s truth and inspires confidence.  It bonds relationships, aiding in expression of feelings and emotions.

Lapis Lazuli boosts the immune system, purifies blood, lowers blood pressure, cooling and soothing areas of inflammation.  It alleviates insomnia and vertigo, and overcomes depression.  Lapis Lazuli benefits the respiratory and nervous systems and the throat, vocal chords, and thyroid, cleanses organs, bone marrow and thymus.


The seven chakras are the centers in our bodies inw hich energy flows through.  Blocked energy in our seven chakras can often lead to illness, so it’s important to understand what each chakra represents and what we can do to keep this energy flowing.

You can find out more about chakras here:  Chakras



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Many blessings to you and I hope you have enjoyed this publication <3

Below you will find a postcast giving a live viewing of this lovely mala.