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Are you looking for complete wellness for the mind, body and spirit?

I offer both Spiritual Healing and Holistic Treatments of which you will find a descriptive menu by clicking the images below or pop by my treatments page for a printable list and complete full description of all the therapies provided.

NB:  All treatments are customised by myself.

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  • I had a wonderful reiki treatment with Justine. I have never received a reiki treatment before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The great thing is you don’t have to remove any clothing, you just lay on a couch while they place their hands gently on your body where they feel you need healing. After the treatment, I felt very relaxed but also energised and my sinuses, which had been blocked for a few days, have cleared up. Looking forward to my next treatment.



  • It has been truly wonderous how Justine and I have met. Some things just don’t go past you. If you are here reading this – stop resisting 🙂 You are here for a reason. She is gifted and completely in tune. You are in capable hands. What a blessing to connect and I’m sure our paths will weave into the big picture, we all have been working on on our separate ways. Thanks for being on my wave. Namaste Simone.



  • I loved the idea that my facial was developed by a scientist and based on biological exfoliation with the aid of botanical and oxygenating ingredients.  The treatment room is divine a beautiful space.  I loved that the active ingredients all work in harmony with the skin to re-establish the skin’s natural balance.  Justine was able to treat a variety of my skin concerns, the acne scarring from my youth, pigmentation along with a few fine lines.  I was amazed at the instant clarity and firmness to my skin and have been more than impressed with the ongoing results produced by the active ingredients now two weeks down the line, my results have been progressive and I can’t wait to go back again.


    The Holistic Esthetician